The puppets in Carnegie Hall, and also the Taoist band also in Carnegie Hall, both.1 But the experience was so incredible, all sold out, immediately sold out two concerts.2 And then I remember the presenter said well, “They play so loud, maybe tell them” — because they’re outdoors. They’re used to play, it’s very loud, and all the gong, the drum, and maybe our audience maybe — he was concerned.3 He said, “Maybe tell them to little bit hold on, not get too loud.” So, I told them, they tried. It’s hard for them. But afterwards concert and audiences, they all got a standing ovation, and the audience shouted. A lot of audience said, “We want it louder, louder.” But to me, the thing was that they’re so real, so real. There’s no artificial, there’s no fake on the stage. They are so real. That’s the thing that really touched me. I’ve been playing on the theater for many, many years, and I see a lot of things on the stage, a lot of not real, and that’s the treasure to me, they’re real, real people, real musician.4


They even not — well, in their small village, they probably took on the bus, that’s all. They never, never in Beijing, capital city in China, so they have to go to take a bus to train station and then to airport and then to New York airport, international, so this is like they’re lost, see that movie, lost somewhere, they got lost totally, mind totally got lost. So, the hotel in New York was in Times Square. Again, they lost it again, hugely because Times Square in the evening, how crazy there. And they’re all smoker. Village people, they all have to smoke, but New York hotel, you can’t, so they were frustrated, like they couldn’t smoke.5 So, every time they smoke, they have to get out on the street. So, to give you that picture, they’re all bunch of Chinese dude, all farmer, they have lying on the street out of the hotel, they were not standing there, not sit on the floor, but they would kind of bend their knees there and they smoke.


And then they look at the Sky Club, they look at all the lights, they look at people back and forwards. And the hotel lobby, there’s a swimming pool, and that evening there’s a bunch of teenager at the party, pool party, and a lot of girls wear bikinis. So, all of the Chinese farmers, they were — I don’t know, they couldn’t speak. They look at me and they were very shy. And I said, “Well, go ahead. If you want to look at, if you want to smoke, just go ahead.” I just couldn’t see, I just left, but imagine that picture. They just couldn’t move, they stared there, they’re looking there and they couldn’t move. Yeah, yeah.

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