When Chinese government opened the door to the West, and so we had — this radio would play the Beethoven Symphony, we have — Western orchestra visited China.1 I think that was early 80s.2 That time, first time I heard Beethoven Symphony, I don’t know who’s Beethoven.3 And then we heard a lot of Western 19th century, 18th century classical pieces, symphonies. Was quite shocked first time to hear that kind of music. Yeah, because it sounded differently, and orchestra colors is very different than all the instruments, but I know violin and piano, that was already existing in China, but listen to symphony play.4 In China, we have symphony, but symphony mostly play Revolution songs, all Chinese music played on the Western instruments, even piano will play folk tunes, but that was the first time, early 80s to hear Westerner writing piece for symphony, like yeah, that was very different.5 That was shocking, shocking experience.

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