Back in the 50s, there was not very much milk, and at the time momma probably was just getting through having one baby, and then I came along, so that kind of made it where one of us would have been an overload to momma as far as the breast was concerned.1 So, the lady asked momma could she keep me overnight, and she just took me away from momma. And the lady was actually traveling with the fair and different carnivals and stuff like that, that she was going in to. And she finally brought me — that was at one and a half she took me away from my mother. She brought me back to Birmingham, Alabama when I was four years old, and at the time she was — at the state fairground, and she came to this lady by the name of Ms. McElroy’s house, which were a whiskey house. And she sold me for a pint of whiskey, and Ms. McElroy just took me away from her and ran on away from the house, because Ms. McElroy told me that I was the word malnourished, under-healthed, and there she just took me and sat me down on the floor and fixed me a plate of food to eat. And I was eating so fast, this man was trying to — I imagine he probably was just trying to help me out with the food, and then I took and ran up underneath the couch, and I bit him on the ankle. And he got mad with me and took the poker iron and then hit me in the head with it.2 So, that was my first incident of having something real serious done to my brain, is in innocence.3

  1. Big Mother, Tattooed Bosom []
  2. Annihilation In My Blood []
  3. Brain, Discreet Borders []
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