I’m still going the way that people don’t go anymore. I go up and down the railroad tracks, where stuff is falling off the box cars, and overloading scrap metals and all of that stuff that shakes off the box carts.1 I’m still going up and down the alleys, where people put all their trash and their debris out.2 That’s the part of the Bible that I quote all the time. “Would you be willing to give all you got? Would you be willing to give up your day? Would you be willing to quit what you’re doing and come go with me?” Would they be willing to do that? And then we both or we all go up and down those ditches, go up and down those alleys, see how those people, the homeless are living, see how stuff is thrown away, go into the flea markets, go into the Goodwill, go into the Salvation Army, see the compacting material that they can’t even get rid of, being housed here in the United States of America, while other people in other lands are having to do without.3 I’m telling nothing but the truth. I tell nothing but the truth.

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