Well, I call it change on a dummy’s body. Because if you’re all the time dressing up your exterior, putting all these gold chains, having gold on it and doing everything for the exterior.1 When you smile, your grill has got gold and diamonds in it now. So, your mouth has gotten to the point where it’s caused people to only pay attention to it, the words that you’re saying on your cell phone, you’re swiping and wiping, that’s that song, is that you’re trying to communicate, and you were doing all that with one finger. I did this song — if I had only one finger that God took and cut off — I had some kind of way, all the fingers on my hand were cut off, and I didn’t have but one left, I would take that one finger, and I believe I would do more communicating with that one finger than — for the sake of mother universe. I call it thumb — and that ain’t but one finger, my thumb is just one finger. And I put it up. I call it thumbs up for mother universe, because she needs our praises. She needs us to be thankful for keeping everything in a contained manner.

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