And maybe it’s to do because the country is so flat like a billiards table, and it kind of teaches you humility.1 The flatness of the landscape teaches you humility. It makes you feel — it also feels like the sky is not heavy here, like because the world is so flat, the sky — it’s all sky you see. As soon as you look up, you see the sky. You only see sky, no mountains, no little movement in the landscape.2 It’s extremely perfectly flat like a table. And then maybe that situation makes people like scatological, gives them a scatological mind.


Another thing is, we have problems with authority, authority problems. For Belgium, 500 years, we were — the people with problems, making problems in Europe, like we didn’t want to be French, we didn’t want to be German.3 What kind of people are these people? And so we have an authority problem. And that’s something to do with shit, I guess, or it’s genetic. People are just shitty here. It could be.

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