In China, the Chinese thinking, they do not have such a big — art is not on a pedestal. It’s not like — it’s more like a daily life thing.1 It’s something people live with, and the difference between art and design is extremely small. Well, these days, it’s also extremely small in our world. But I think it’s a little weird. In the auctions, you see how designs from the 50s and 60s is getting more expensive than the artworks of this period. It’s interesting to see. But what I learned in China or from my friend, Ai Weiwei, is to not make differences between what you do, in what you do.2 He does architectural stuff and he is also politically active, and then he does sculptures. But he gets a lot of freedom by not worrying too much about the taxonomy, like art with a big “A” or art with a little small “a”.3 He doesn’t care. He doesn’t care.

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