From Kenya, we flew, 40 girls flew, and we basically did a tour of all these convents as a choir, and it was so much fun, because — of course, a lot of us had never traveled to Europe, but also a lot of the music we were singing was beautifully composed, Catholic music made in African Kenyan rhythms, in Swahili, in various Kenyan languages, with a lot of percussions.1 We took all our drums, and the different kind of percussion instruments that are found in Kenya. And it was absolutely amazing. We had a great time, but it was also very — it’s just very beautiful, the kind of music that had been adapted for this sort of thing. And the ironic thing was we went to the places that Christianity and the Church has sort of flouted from, and these cathedrals, these amazingly old beautiful, beautiful churches were just the most complimentary to the music that we were singing.2


They made the sound of everything we sang better than even it was, but there were hardly any people attending the church. In fact, it was the first time we realized that Christianity had been enforced upon Africa. And it was losing its hold on European — people in Europe don’t go to church as much as Africans do at this point.

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