I loved looking at fashion magazines when I was a young girl, I’d get ready to get my hair braided, I would go to the hairdresser, and thumb through all these magazines, think about the different styles.1 And fashion in those magazines, it was always something that we thought about and we — and we were young women, so of course we talked about clothing and shoes and stuff like that, but I also liked fashion that seemed kind of like alternative looks. I loved Prince from a young age, and kind of his gender-bender kind of look was always interesting to me — Boy George and people like that.


But I also liked fashion that didn’t quite fit into the mainstream. So, I’ve always been interested in fashion, but I think fashion magazines have always disseminated a ton of information about the west to the rest of the world. So, I looked at them and yeah, I learned things about beauty standards and perception and eroticism and exoticism of certain kinds of bodies through fashion magazines.

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