I think in my teenage years, I was much clearer about the fact that I was a little different from the regular girl.1 I was a very creative person, I was very inquisitive. I was very interested in traveling.2 I loved being kind of creative about how I dressed, and I was interested in sort of strange films that were not necessarily mainstream blockbuster things. I knew that I had this other side of me that didn’t quite fit into the sort of regular cookie cutter middle class African girl mold. So, I wasn’t a rebellious girl, and never — I wasn’t one of these people. I didn’t have an interest in drugs and boys in that way or whatever. I was more just very — I was a tomboy, but I was — I just knew there was something.3 And I say as if it’s some mysterious thing, because I didn’t really have an example of a woman or a girl like me to go “Oh, that’s the kind of person, I’m like that person.”

  1. Eclectic Kind Of Place, Feel The Injustices, Outsiders, Speaks On Its Own []
  2. Emotional Wisdom, See Through Into The Past, The Largest Farm []
  3. Chocolate Machine, Seized By A Certain Hunger []
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