And I learned a lot when I was teaching creativity and dissidence to students in America or in Europe. I learned that there is no separation whatsoever between science and art or between medicine and writing or between philosophy and religion.1 So, all these, what they call, multidisciplinary approach to knowledge, I learned this and I was teaching this all the time, because creativity depends on this ability to link all this together. So, I learned a lot from studying medicine, from dissecting the body, from understanding the psychology of men and women, and also because of my love for writing. Since I was a child, I was writing. Since I started to know the alphabets, I started to write. So, this writing, this hobby, this love to writing, part of it is inherited, and part is acquired.2


In fact, I believe that we inherit some genetic tendencies in our genes. So, maybe I inherited, because it was strange that my love to writing is amazing. It is my true love. I divorced three husbands because I love writing. I am just telling you the truth just to continue writing, just to have the freedom to write and to be myself and to write what I want. I had — I was forced to divorce three husbands. So, this combination between medicine and writing, between scientific work and artistic work is quite normal. It’s quite natural for me.

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