Because in this village, my father sent me to a British school, so in the primary school. So, in this British school, because there were British — we were colonized by the British, so there were some missionary schools, British schools in villages and in small towns. So, in this school — I was lucky to go to this school, because I was surrounded by girls from different classes and from different religions, Muslims, Christians, Jews et cetera. And we were talking to each other and we were reading the Koran and the Bible in the school of religion. In this primary school, they divided us according to religion, so the Muslim girls read the Koran, the Christian girls read the New Testament, the Jewish girls read the Old Testament.1


But we were friends. My best friends were Jewish and Christians, so we used to read together the three holy books.2 And we were young, 10 years, 9 years, and we were amazed at the contradictions in the books, and especially the story of Virgin Mary, and even we couldn’t believe it, and we started to be afraid that maybe God will send his spirit, as it happened to Virgin Mary, why not if it happened once, it may happen again?3 So, we were children thinking like that.

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