It’s almost like how do you re-instill if you know so much, the necessary innocence to say, I don’t need to have an agenda. But you turn on the television, everything is about critique and not creation. It’s about judgment. And I do feel like that’s one of the goals I have, which is to try and reintroduce a greater kindness toward our inner creative drive. I’ve told people that the problem we’ve had is we take these qualities out and say to the world, what do you think?1 And if the world’s not interested, it’s going to say nothing, leave me alone. But I don’t think that that should end the conversation, and I almost feel like that’s maybe where we’re getting to. The creative self saying listen, relationship with me, even if it’s just with me, even if no one reads your poem, even if you just write it, because it must be written, isn’t that the beginning of true relationship?2

  1. Cloaca, Exploratory Search, Leprosy Stand, Let Them Ventilate, MacArthur []
  2. The Protagonist []
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