My love of books; I grew up around books, and my dad had a very lovely library, and was extremely well read.1 I wasn’t a stranger to books, but in about — I don’t know, really early on in my acting career professionally I started collecting art books. I was really — I just loved the idea of being able to sit and contemplate different artists in their books, but then nothing that I do — it’s so funny, it all ends up looking like a grand exaggeration. It’s a library, but I did — every book was one book at a time. And over the 35 years, there’s been — even longer than that now, this process of one book, one artist, one question leading to another.


And that then opened — like even my art book library. And art books surround us when we’re standing upstairs. And I really feel this is an important metaphor as well, because it’s saying that in the arts we realize that it’s not who is the painter or if there is one vision, but actually it is vision, and what we seek on the creative level, is to inspire each other to paint, and inspire each other to realize that we each have a unique possibility.2

  1. Book Of The Mind, Have To Live, Inside The Soul Of Human Beings, Literary World, Stole This Knowledge, Take You Into Other Worlds []
  2. Avoid Those Pitfalls, Shoulders Of Giants []
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