The value of vaudeville was, was that there was genuine audience interaction with a live element, and people had a social experience.1 Now, with downloading and streaming — and there’s certainly great benefits to that, to individualized entertainment programming done at the touch of a button. But there is also something that people crave, because human beings are a social animal, and they need to get into social situations where they can discuss and exchange ideas and see how people are being physically in front of each other.2 And that’s why ultimately I’ve been able to recoup on the two films, is because of the live show. It’s not because of the box office from the films.


If I were to calculate what I’ve brought in from the films, I still have never made the money back from either of the films, but with the book sales and with my live show, I get paid more for performing the live show, than I do for showing of the film. But altogether, I’ve recouped because of doing it. And this is something I’m convinced is of a long term value, because that’s the thing that you cannot get at home.3 And corporate film will continue to of course be of value for home streaming distribution etcetera. But there also is always going to be not as large of a market, but a large market for entertainment in social situations.

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