There is a Polish film that really has never had a release in the United States, that I did in 1988 or 1989, called Ferdydurke, and it was based on a Gombrowicz novel of the same title. But it’s not had any kind of release really. And the publicist for that filmmaker, Jerzy Skolimowski, who’s a great Polish filmmaker, had been the same publicist for Werner Herzog. And Herzog was at the Venice Film Festival, and I said to the publicist, “Wow, I really admire Herzog. He’s here, it’d be great to meet him.” He said “Well, we’ll have to set up a lunch for you.” And he did, and it was me and Herzog and also the publicist and a woman there, and I just sat across the table and asked Herzog all the questions I wanted to ask. And I gave him some of my books.


I didn’t really see him for many years, but yeah, he came to What is it? premiere, and he was great, really — ended up asking me questions about this film. And this is a master filmmaker who’s been making films since before I was born. And he’s really an admirable human being, and of course filmmaker.

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