There is much more difference between silent filmmaking and sound filmmaking. That was a truly gigantic leap in what your — how you’re telling a story. I would also say the differentiation between making a 3D film versus a standard 2D film, that’s very different. The difference between digital and film, I don’t think, is as large because you’re still telling the story with focus, pull, and you’re in a space that’s a two dimensional space, which — and I think about that a lot, because I like to shoot on sets. So, with set building and false perspective, you’re working with two dimensional images, I’ll use backdrops. Which look 3D, but of course if you were shooting a 3D film, it would be — I mean I’m sure you can make things work with that as well, but I don’t have an interest in shooting something in 3D.1 I think it would be difficult. It’s not what I like to think about as a filmmaker. I much prefer to stick within the vocabulary that’s been — of the last 100 years of the two dimensional filmmaking.2

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