Well, with my first movie, Sangre, I can say the inspirations were in a practical way. I remember going to friends’ houses in my town in Guanajuato, and just sitting there while we ate lunch or dinner or something, and I remember having the television on and this atmosphere. It wasn’t really depressing. I think it was just interesting to see how people would eat and then watch the television that would be advertising junk food or watching a soap opera. And somehow that — something there inspired me, and also — now analyzing the movie a little bit more or thinking about why I did this film about jealousy and being — fear of abandonment and all those things. When I made Sangre, I had never even been in a relationship at that point. And the movie is about a very dysfunctional relationship, the codependent and all these problems, that maybe — that I hadn’t experienced in my life yet in a real way.


But I guess they were there inside me anyway, and later on once I had relationships, somehow then I could understand that movie, my first movie much better, which is not conscious, of course, because at the moment I didn’t even understand it very well, and I was just filming these things that somehow moved me a little bit or caused me curiosity, but then later on I realized that first movie Sangre has this thing that is real for me, that is those problems that I show there, the jealousy, being afraid of loving, all these abandonment things, all those things that are there, that I wasn’t really — if anybody asked. And now also, when I’m making my movies, I really can’t explain what’s the idea behind them or what do I want to say, and that’s how it was then.1

  1. Keep My Mind Quiet []
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