Well, yeah, when they first announced that Spielberg was going to be the president of the jury at the Cannes Film Festival, we saw that and we said wow, if we are selected, it looks like probably not our year, that’s what we thought, somehow. And it’s a filmmaker, I have really — the first movie I remember watching was E.T. He’s someone that — I have seen so many of his movies like everybody, and they have — they have touched me very much, as a filmmaker even, and just as an audience, Spielberg, everybody has seen his movies.1 And also I wasn’t — we weren’t the only ones thinking that. When they showed the film, the critics were saying “We wonder what Spielberg thought of this” or this is a — they were kind of making fun of that situation, in the sense that they then think he wasn’t going to like it at all — but then, yeah, it turns out that he really liked it and it was one of his favorite movies at the festival that he watched. And he was very passionate about it, and it was a very nice surprise, of course.2


And I briefly met him after the awards, and he was very nice, and just expressed his enthusiasm towards it. And I remember he mentioned something about — he liked some of the scenes, and that he — there was a scene in particular that he had shot something very similar in a movie of his, and that he was enthusiastic about that. I can’t remember exactly what movie or what scene that was, but that’s what I heard, and that was nice to hear that.

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