So, my ambition was always to create something beautiful, something that was inviting regardless of whether or not you wanted to know its symbology or whether its story was going to take you deeper or you needed to know the artist. Because I feel that we’ve been trained to feel inferior, like we don’t know enough, and subjects overwhelm us and “Oh, I can’t do that.” I mean that’s really the fear of art with so many people. They feel they have to know so much. But I realize in a way it’s like the delight of guys who build Ferraris. There’s delight in the way the car is built, and the things that go into it and the sense of history and do you know what this is.


And for some that’s very exciting, but I think if I had to say what’s my intention, it’s to really, at this point, give people keys. In other words, to say well, you see where your imagination is attracted. If you’re interested in Hermetic philosophy and alchemy, if you’re interested in the theater of the psyche and archetypal and mythical insight, then do read the texts, go deeper, because it will nourish those strings in your sense of things. But if on the other hand, that isn’t really where you want to go, but you really respond to the loveliness of an image or you feel good when you see it, then I think that’s really what I want.


Because the theater person in me says listen, I don’t look for an audience of any one thing.1 I’m trying to create that — a bit like what Shakespeare talks about to write on all levels, so that everyone enjoys it, and never to talk down to any level, but to actually say you know what, we humans have to understand some of us are deeply feeling but not that intellectual.2 So, when you start getting intellectual, it’s like it just glazes over too many dates, too many names, too many. And other people, it’s like “I love those dates and names, because I feel like it takes me deeper.” But that’s — I think if we can stand in a circle again, like characters in a play, we’ll start to understand that that’s the beauty of the lens of our human imagination.

  1. Tiger Jumps Into The Room []
  2. Bonny Sweet Robin, Different Colored Inks, Specific Words, We Were Africans []
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