Everything for me is — I thought about Einstein and I thought, wait a minute. Now, let’s just say for instance that the quantum implication is true, meaning that thought influences reality, what we experience, and that as he said, that reality is thought slowed down to a rate where we can perceive it.1 And I thought well, then why don’t we play the quantum? Why don’t we at least try and create mixed footprint? And actually that’s what my painting, Phoenix Arise, which I did a TEDx talk on, a short talk — yeah, and so it creates a holographic double helix DNA, and it also creates all of the mandalas, and that was not expected, but I realized that that’s what’s actually starting to happen.


This other realization that it’s not that we figure it out and prove what we think we figured out, but much more like the process of birth. We plant the seed and creatively through the process, allow it to gestate, to finally form as what it is, and therefore as an entity rather than an object, it begins to hold a type of creative reference, where it stimulates what I consider the deeper pattern knowing of what we are, because we’re woven of these things.2 If I use certain symbols, it’s not because I’m using them symbolically, but actually because of the way they are woven within us. And that’s what — so this language is coming up, that are quite extraordinary.

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