I like to tattoo and just said, “Oh, this is a great tattoo.” And this tattoo gives me already a new idea for another one.1 So, once I had a pig, and the pig obviously loved California, really in love with California, so all the tattoos were about like tattoos for a man who loves California.2 Then I had a pig, a very right wing pig, very nasty weird ideas with a swastika on it.3 So, then I had another pig who was obviously a homosexual pig or all the imagery on the pig were predominantly homosexual.


I imagined these things for the pig. I give the pig — it’s an industrial object there. The pig is mainly an industrial thing, and I give it a personality.4 I kind of give it a life, a new life, an individual life.5 And another thing is, also by tattooing on a pig, you are actually the only painter who’s allowed to do that, this imagery.6 Because there’s an enormous promiscuity that everybody understands, because it’s on a pig. So, I did Osama Bin Laden twice on a pig and had no trouble. Nobody was angry. And I could still go to the US.

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