Well, they can still say it’s not art, but what else can they say?1 It kind of makes them angry for no reason.2 I love that, because it’s kind of — it’s an attack on all the human vanity and the human pretentiousness rather than on anything else.3 And secretly, everybody knows that if they’re going to get angry about my cloaca activities, they make them sound so ridiculous. So, they go into other things, like some Protestant people in Germany said it’s immoral, because so many people are dying from hunger and I’m feeding this machine like I’m not aware of that. Like, Oh God!4


Of course, I’m aware of that. But this counts for any other art piece, because just the insurance money of a good art piece would feed an entire village in Africa.5 It’s just because I translated the money into real foods, converted it into real food that people are now like a bit surprised and shocked. So, there’s also this taboo on wasting, wasting time, wasting resources. This is a big taboo, especially in Protestant thinking. And this is exactly what I think about art.6 Art is — it’s a big waste. Studying art is a waste of your youth, looking at art is a waste of time. Enjoying art is economically hard to rationalize. Only as an investment, you could maybe rationalize it a little.

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