But I write from an African perspective, because you have to write about what you know. You have to tell the stories, the narratives about your people, because they are what underpin your existence as a writer, not your importance. I don’t emphasize the importance of writing. I emphasize the genuineness of being a writer, or being any kind of artist.1 You cannot divorce yourself from your source, from your history, because as I said, history is a construct, and to try to deconstruct it is not the writer’s or the artist’s business.2 That is for critics and others.3 We don’t deconstruct. We understand or at least we try to understand.4

  1. Moveable Feast []
  2. Hole In The Wall, Stole This Knowledge []
  3. Archipelago, Driven By Context []
  4. Viewfinder, Words That Were Given []
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