The dinosaurs were there before we had crocodiles and elephants, et cetera, et cetera. But in crocodiles, you can probably still see a connection to dinosaurs and that sort of thing. Rhinos have not changed as far as I’m concerned and most people are concerned in something like 4,000 years. And I believe that the idea of contemporary worlds can only be understood in terms of the steps we have taken to understand what went ahead of us.1 And this is where scientists have answers, this is where physicists have done a jolly good job. Whatever his name is, Hawkins, Englishman has been looking beyond the cosmology as we know it.2 That is reality from his point of view. He’s a scientist.3


I’m not a scientist, I’m a writer. But I can imagine, I can honestly imagine in my limited way, that what history must have looked like.4 I can imagine a world in which other lives were probably at one time as important or probably far more important than what I see day to day. And without making that connection, I cannot be an African writer or I cannot be another writer.

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