I had zero interest to become professional, to make a living out of — actually zero, so that would have destroyed me, because actually I really don’t like advertising, I don’t like — most imagery that I see in the world actually switches me off.1 I have no interest in it. So, I wouldn’t have been very good at it. I would have been unsuccessful probably. So, I don’t have any need to do this thing, because photography has always been a special thing for me my whole life, and that’s the way I always wanted to keep it. I never wanted to — as means of earning money. I never even sold a picture till I was 50 years old. There was no market for photography. I mean I didn’t even think about it.


So, I just took pictures from 18 to now. I’ll be 64 in two months, but I mean I’ve just been doing it regularly all the time, because it’s my passion. It’s a special thing that I do, that’s close to who I am. It’s like you can’t separate my life from my photography in all sorts of ways. So no, there’s no interest. I never had any interest in doing anything commercial at all. And to this day I have zero interest. If somebody gave me — told me to do some sort of advertising work, I probably wouldn’t. Even if they paid me a lot of money, I probably wouldn’t be interested in doing it.

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