I have endless calls every day. It drives me crazy some days. All day, all day, it goes on all day, “When are you coming? Please come to see me. What are you doing?” All day. I’ve been good to a lot of people, so anybody who ever tried to accuse me of anything towards my subjects, really does have no idea of my relationship to the people I’ve worked with over the years.1 No, I just take care of a lot of people and helped a lot of people, whether it’s — whether it’s finding a lawyer, a doctor and helping them with money, helping them with food, helping them with shelter, helping them with this, helping them with that, clothes, I mean it’s just endless, it’s just endless. It just goes on and on and on. So, there’s nothing — I don’t really — I guess I can go back in my mind for 30 years and try to figure out what was a meaningful relationship. I just have had so many of them. I do it every day. I mean five, six days a week I’m involved in this stuff, so it’s just a part of my life now.


But it’s not a — I don’t necessarily choose people because they’re poor or needy. That’s not really — I’m not choosing people for that purpose, to take pictures. I’m not interested in making social, political statements, economic statements. So, it’s not — I don’t necessarily choose the places because of people’s problems or people’s psychology. I choose places because they somehow or another spark my imagination. I just feel like there’s an excitement about the place. There’s something in it that I want to find out about. That’s really — but not socially politically.

  1. Truly Taboo []
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