We live in a world that is controlled by the bottom line like everything else. Will it sell? Will it make money? And the way to get people hooked is to appeal to the emotions that they already have. The normal producer of theater or film says, “Well, people love kids, and if we do a story where a kid is in trouble, and that the audience is going to relate to that and at the end the kid is saved and it’s wonderful, there are going to be tears in their eyes. And if we do that, we’ll hook them.”


Well, to me that is just deepening the groove of emotional patterns that are already there, and the task in life is to be free of all emotional habits, so that you can have a new, more objective relationship to all the things that you’re going to encounter in life.1 I mean everybody knows that if the tiger jumps into the room, you’re going to be afraid.2 Why give the audience that experience that you know produces a certain emotion?3 What good does it do them in their lives?

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