You see some people also complicate life by saying, “Oh, politics of religions, politics of photography and of course, the politics in daily life and the politics of politicians.”1 I promise you, even when I was doing news assignments — I have done a book on Indira Gandhi also — like I have done two books on Mother Theresa. Similarly, I’ve done two books on Indira Gandhi also. Only yardstick that I would use was the human skin, the human heart. And you walk into political situations, you look at them with a simple human response, everything falls into place, but if you also start thinking like a political commentator or political analyst, and then start taking pictures, you are playing a dangerous game, because eventually no matter what you’re a politician or a murderer, some days you are a human being also.2 And if you look at any given personality or individual or whatever, from the human angle, everything falls into proper perspective, so that’s — and that’s why some of my works on politicians, and especially on Indira Gandhi still has its validity, and it conveys the way it was sort of existed then.

  1. Turning The World Upside Down Pt. 2 []
  2. Edgar Degas, Once I Had A Pig []
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