Stuart Dempster, who was also one of my San Francisco State College colleagues, friends, along with Terry Riley and Lauren Rush, invited me to go to this cistern in Washington State that had a 45 second reverberation time. And both Stuart and I loved long reverberation, because we were both brass instrument players. And then we went to the cistern, and as an afterthought took a recording engineer with us. And we went down into the cistern and started playing and played for about five hours I think. And we came out and we discovered that we had a recording which was released by New Albion in 1989.1 This was 1988 that we went into the cistern for the first time.


So, the recording was released, as I said, and called — we called it Deep Listening, and I wrote an essay in the liner notes of the recording, about what Deep Listening was, how we were playing, how we were dealing with that 45 second reverberation time. So, that’s when Deep Listening was born. It was born in that cistern.

  1. Louis Andriessen []
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