Well, certainly it was a very exciting time. There was also Anna Halprin with the Dancers’ Workshop, and she was very avant-garde with her work. There was filmmakers, poets, the poet singing was really very strong, the Beat poets, Robert Duncan, Jack Spicer, Robin Blaser, all of these people were interacting and hanging around, so there was a feeling of — well, I guess you could kind of call it a renaissance feeling.1 And there was a sense of excitement, and working with new media, like electronics and tape, and the development then of community, that I think was an essential and important aspect of that period.


Lee Breuer of Mabou Mines and Ruth Maleczech were around also. So, Bruce Nauman, the painters — it was an exciting time, very exciting. And we all felt it, and did hang out together, and support one another. So, I say it was a — the community of interests, and it kept us going.2

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