I don’t know. I just always had a real — just felt like that those two, my grandmother and grandfather, my maternal grandparents were just the sort of center of familial gravity for me, and just had a real natural affinity, just personality wise with them.1 And so, then I just looked to them for — just sort of almost like the DNA for just questions of self and questions of family. And you always had those interesting things where — the family reunion, somebody will say oh boy, you look and act just like your great uncle Floyd, just like isn’t that kind of uncanny and fascinating how there’s this super positioning of — you experience yourself as utterly individual, and yet at the same time you participate in these familial and cultural and greater or lesser scaled, but identities.2


And to me that was just the immediacy of the — that family identity was just always very powerful. And I think it also had to do too with — I come from a fairly small family. So, it may have been different — or my interest may have had a different — taken on a different quality if it had been ‘I have 150 first cousins’ kind of thing. Then it would be a whole different kind of — but the family was so small, and so it was so sort of concentrated in just a very few individuals.

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