I mean I’ve been writing and reading all of my life. But since I was in the music business, mostly dealing with punk music, I think nobody really read among my friends, and the environment I was in. So, it was kind of something I did like secretly. And I didn’t even realize how much I wanted to become a writer. I think I didn’t dare to even think about it. But then, when I had a maternity leave, three months I think, I sat down, and did that first book of poetry. So, I think the urge was strong enough to do it except for I didn’t know if I would ever succeed.1


So, in the beginning, it was mostly an experiment. When I sent it in to publishers, I didn’t at all — I didn’t even hope for that — that they would publish it. But I think I just wanted to see if they would give me any critique or — So, I sent it into two different publishing houses, and the first one didn’t like it at all, and they sent me a letter saying that you should do something else. And then, the other one just bought it right away.

  1. House Husbands []
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