The first book, I think it goes for many writers, is about your whole life in a way, right? So, you have your whole life till the day you publish your first book, to find inspiration. And when you do the second book, you have maybe two years, right? So, my first book is about developing from a child to a grown up in a way. I had three kids. When my first book was published, I already had three kids. So, I think my experience of being in my 20s, I felt pretty old at that time, compared to my friends who were just traveling the world, getting drunk, and stuff. So, the first book is a reflection of the journey from being a kid to grow up, and be responsible, have your own family, and stuff like that.


I worked actually in the music business when I was in my early 20s. So, I dropped out of school after — we have a different system. So, it’s not high school, it’s more than high school in a way. It’s a combination of — we had the Gymnasium, which is like a combination of I think college, and high school. So, the level is a little higher than the high school. But, I dropped out. I had my first kid when I was only 18. And then, I started working in the music business, and made a career there. I mean, I was making a lot of money. And then, when I was around 26, I gave up on it, and started writing. And I think that that’s only possible to do in a country like Denmark, because we have so many grants.


I mean, the state would provide grants if you’re good, and — if you’re good enough of course. But I mean it was possible for me to survive mostly on grants in the beginning. I was a house cleaner for maybe three or four years at the same time when I was starting writing. But, the Danish State is amazing in that way that you can actually survive. You don’t have to teach all the time. So, it’s completely different from the States that way.

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