I try in my work to come up with many different characters and people, and in a way I don’t want to speak about my life, so I use them a little bit to — because I often think that biographical work is quite limited in one — and like enclosed in one biography.1 While when it is filtered through an artist’s work, my aim is basically to of course have bits of pieces about humanity, and of course it’s shaped by my own experience in biography, but basically put that in a form that it has relevance to other people’s life too.2 So, what I do, I draw from my generation, I draw from my German background, the whole historic that comes with it and living in Canada now for 11 years, things like this, but in the end I think it should be open like a canvas that people pitch in their own experiences. So, what I did as a child, as a 10-year-old, I think is not as relevant.

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  2. Become A Disciple, Words That Were Given []
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