Well, some of — I’m trained as a sculptor. I studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich and I did so as a sculptor. But in — like for example, for the painting right now, one thing that most of my characters are not very trained. They have not undergone, let’s say seven years of artistic education, so that gives me the freedom to be a bit explorative and more playful in how they develop techniques.1 And so, for a project I do at the moment, I’m really going back so deeply that I collect mineral and dried flower blossoms as pigment into making oil paint.2 So, I go quite to the beginnings and to — yes, I’m going quite to great lengths to learn techniques.3

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  2. Transformative Nature []
  3. All Happening Parallel, Feed Your Unconsciousness, Mad Bloody Mission, Martial Art Pt. 2, Traditional Arts []
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