I look at a painting as being a continuous odd battle of breaking it and fixing it, breaking it and fixing it.1 And then you hopefully leave it at a point where you’ve fixed more than you’ve broken. So, I mean there’s no sort of set routine as to how anything is going to turnout. And it’s quite infuriating in that sense. It’s not — I know for a lot of people they can sit there and they’ll take an image. I mean if your agenda is to sort of mimic photography, if that is what you consider interesting in painting, to mimic photography, then fine, you have a set process by which you can do that.2 And then it becomes the sort of increasing degrees of finer brushes and more time.3 But with what I do, just — I don’t know, every picture, it’s different. And it just goes off on some mad, bloody mission.4 Hopefully I can pull it back to something that people want to look at.

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  2. Follow My Nose []
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