I absolutely love the work of Edgar Degas, but the man was a loathsome character in terms of his politics and his outlook on life. He was a man — the man was a complete scumbag, anti-Semite, misogynistic scumbag.1 Sorry. But if you look at his work and it’s beautiful. It is difficult sometimes for someone like me who is so political at my core, to kind of square that, but I do square it.2 I don’t think it’s — it’s what? I think it is too easy, particularly these days when we have such ready access to images and also such ready access to people’s critiques and considerations on different subjects. It’s very easy to put our perspectives, the contemporary perspectives, on previous times, and I don’t think that’s helpful.3 Whether it’s right or not, I don’t know. I’m happy to be proven wrong, I’m not going to sit here and say I’m always bloody right.4 I like to be proven wrong. It’s the only way you learn anything.

  1. Once I Had A Pig, Worst Misogynists []
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