There is an old adage which I absolutely do not hold to be true, that the devil has the best tunes.1 The devil doesn’t have the best tunes, the church has the best tunes.2 You listen to music that is being made, Choral music that is being made, to serve faith, and it’s some of the most moving music that is available, and that’s the music I choose to paint to generally.3 And it means something to me, but only on a personal level. It doesn’t mean anything on a grander level of celebrating God, Jesus, disciples, Mary, faith generally, or Allah, Buddha, and all the rest of them. It doesn’t — it means nothing to me in that respect. It’s just — I think there’s something more intrinsically honest about the work, because those people who made it have faith, they felt they had to do something special, they work, they work at it.4

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