Our first project of which was in 1974, called the Invasions of Privacy and the Use of Technology That Controls Behavior. It was a look at what we’re looking at now with NSA and Snowden in its nascent form. There were records on everyone.1 There were training of police departments with new technologies. The campaign was done like you would do a public, and it was all done not for profit, but instead of having PSAs or public service announcements that had very little impact, a benefactor gave us the money to do a saturation mixed media campaign. So, we did TV and primetime and radio at drive time and billboards at high traffic-density areas and wrote a book and put it into the newspaper as a supplement on a Sunday.


It was a four-week campaign, and it took public opinion on these issues from about 16% to 63% in four weeks. It was also time to happen when the Democratic and Republican conventions were taking place. And of course, politicians doing the right thing for the wrong reason, picked up on the public opinion polls, and as a result, things like psychosurgery were eliminated in all national institutions because of a representative from New Mexico, Manuel Lujan, who joined with whoever else I can’t remember, so introduced a bill. Ritalin was not used in many school districts in New Mexico for that period. So, it had an impact. It was done for the ACLU, and that led to Koyaanisqatsi.

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