In the early 90’s, the Dalai Lama was in Albuquerque and just gave a talk at a huge crowd. At the end of the talk, he said he would take questions. A young woman stood up in the front — she was the first question, she said, “Your holiness, what is the single most important thing I must pay attention to?” And without even giving it a thought, he used one word to answer it. He said, “Habituation. Next question.” To me, it’s very profound. It’s what we do. We become what we do, and what we do is kind of hidden in plain sight. It’s the things we’d least see are the things that are most present to us by virtue of their presence, so they’re like hidden in plain sight.


When we’re talking about technology, it’s as if its truth becomes the truth by virtue of its presence, and what we do, we’re living in its form.1 Also, you can say that anything that could have been said about the divines in the past, perhaps could be said about technology now. In that sense, it’s sacramental. It produces what it signifies. As it were, it’s recreating the world to its own image and likeness, like it has a life of its own. It’s autonomous. It’s like Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, not Hollywood’s, and we’re addicted to it. It is the new terra firma. In this, we exist. It’s the new host of life.

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