Koma and I really had this desire by first going to Europe, we took a ship to the east of Soviet Union. Russia was Soviet Union then, and then we took a train through the Siberia. Then we went to Moscow, St. Petersburg and then Moscow, and then we flew to Europe, without knowing where we’re going. And then we found oursleves in Germany, then to Amsterdam, and then we went to France, and then we went as far as Tunisia. This is all coming from our desire. At that time, there’s no internet obviously, so it was like all the knowledge tend to come from books or certain TV programs. And we wanted to go as far away as we don’t know something. And so it was a real, true honest desire by the time I went to Tunisia and was there for months riding a bus between the villages, performing, towns, I felt wow, have I come very far away from where I grew up, right?


So, I think to this day, I’m totally sympathetic to the young people, who kind of want to go somewhere, not being stuck with where you grew up.1 That’s genuine, and you learn a lot by being in a different place, by being a foreigner, by not being able to understand language. You observe, you learn a lot, not only the world, who you are.2

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