I mean love is a loaded word, and also so used up word.1 I would rather say my relationship with Koma is camaraderie, even as parents, I think we have a respect.2 But I respect Koma more on stage than off stage. That does not mean negative. I just literally feel we — our relationship has been so bonded on the stage, because there — even when he does so totally outrageous things that I could be angry at, but I do respect, and I do trust his integrity as a performer. In every day, day to day life, we really sometimes don’t get along, and we argue about things, but that’s not very important to me. And now that kids are grown up, it’s like we are now back more to the time where we actually — we are like stranger to each other in every day life, because we didn’t grow up together. This guy, I don’t know what this guy is, but I know him well on stage, and I am really — I honor the stage experiences that we have shared.

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