My personality type is probably not that of what many actors’ personality types are. And my father probably has more of the personality type of what many actors are. And what I mean by that is many actors are very comfortable with attention on themselves for the sake of the attention on themselves.1 And my father fits in that category. He likes being around people and getting attention for just being around people, which is fine. There’s nothing wrong with it, but I’m less comfortable with that. I’m more — I’m comfortable with it if I feel like there’s an idea that I can stand behind thoughtfully, intellectually, however you want to put it. And then I’m very comfortable with that.


But just attention on me, for myself, that actually makes me rather uncomfortable, which is a funny thing for an actor, because you should — in some ways it’s beneficial to be comfortable to just have attention on you for the sake of you. But there are plenty of actors that are similar in that way. But it is a sharp differentiated type. I mean the way Jung would put it, would be the definition of an extroverted somebody that gains energy from being around other people. And an introvert is somebody that gains energy by being on their own.2 And I tend toward needing to stay to myself for a certain amount of time in order to gain my energy so to speak.

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