As a child, I was really lucky my — both of my parents were teachers. So, we grew up in the country, and we had this fantastic house and we had a sort of room where we could be creative, and my parents were very open to us sort of doing whatever we wanted. They were — I mean being educators themselves, they just allowed us to grow and do whatever we wanted.1 There was never a sense of not being able to be creative everyday, and so I learned about doing that everyday from quite a young age, and we grew up on a sort of semi sort of farm. We had a lot of animals. I was very familiar with just mucking around and creating treehouses and building dens and all that sort of thing. And I think my mum collected quite a lot of oddities, so there was kind of a lot of bits and bobs, and my dad collected fossils and stuff like that. So, there was a lot of that around the house as well.

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