The generation before us had huge financial success, and that kind of like overnight, just massive success earning zillions of dollars and whatever. It just doesn’t seem to haven’t happened for a long time. So, I think now those days of expecting someone to come to your exhibition, your good degree show and buying it all up is a bit of a thing of the past, and that obviously did used to happen at one point, but isn’t the case anymore.1 I think people are sort of looking beyond just going to art college or not going to art college at all now, because people can’t afford to go anymore here. I think it’s — I don’t know, I think it’s a more healthy way to approach making art rather than imagining suddenly making all this wealth, because — it’s a bit like if you’re in a band and you make a huge hit with an album, and then you have to try and make the next album to be a hit.


I’m much more for the slowly tinkering away in a shed, and then coming out like the A-Team in a huge tank that you’ve made, so you know, that kind of like slowly tinkering about and just figuring out who you are, I think it’s a more healthy, artistic growth.

  1. Little Weird Gang []
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