But what really intrigued me was the study of phonetics, that was very deepened in Latin, in English, in German. We had to do that to become at the — I mean not a teacher of that, because it was more simple, but I was very, very interested in this kind of use of the words, the origins and things, but studying it like that regularly, I mean very — I mean how can I say, really going from the beginning, studying the language, the origins, the roots.1 And this was, I think, the — what I found that I liked at the university. The other things I really didn’t care, let’s say — I’m not snobby, I’m not like that, but for instance reading the literature of Shakespeare we had to read in class each one, things like that.2


This was very interesting, but this I think didn’t come to me. But when I came to the poems, to the Romantic poets from England, then I also liked it, because we would have to study very, very specific words that the guys used and the tests were like that.

  1. People Of Talk, Where The Life Comes From []
  2. Stand In A Circle, We Were Africans []
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