There are those magazine places, I mean where they sell magazines and postcards.1 And of course that I’m always looking at everything. And on the postcards, always getting postcards with Indians, with animals or things like that, everything very well taken care — I mean always it’s these guys, and then in these days there were three postcards hung there to be sold. It showed an Indian in a paradise place. It showed a man, then showed the women Indians in another dancing with the family, and there was another one. And then I bought these three postcards, because I said that’s it. I mean we are in a moment from these three. I said that’s it. This is native Brazil, it’s written in the back, native Brazil, the tribe of the people.2 It is correct what it was, anthropologically, just correct. It was not bad propaganda or anything like that.


But when I saw — and I think because of my — I don’t like to attribute that. People started to attribute, and I agree in part that people said it’s because you, as someone of a third generation Jewish, maybe you notice more some kind of things.3 But it’s not that. It’s the Brazilians at the time, if we were aware of that. But I thought this is written in the back, the native Brazil, it’s correct. Where is the other Brazil now? Where are the Blacks, the Mamelucos, the Pardos, the White like me and my family and things like that?4 And then started my work, and then I took like one year more searching for images that would be like polarities of what is the native Brazil, what is the alien Brazil.5

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