First of all, my grandma, she’s quite a deep Buddhist, and she played — at the home, she’s always singing something, so I kind of grew up to hear that.1 And secondly, a lot of old pipa music related with the Buddhist music, with the religion music, and a lot of pipa old pieces actually first version from chanting, from religion music as well.2 So, there’s a deep sort of connected. But somehow myself, I — at the certain age right now, I believe something that that religion sort of — not totally Buddhism, but in some way in the daily life, meditation or yoga or something, just naturally going to that direction, and also I’ve been, my own music, like nice thoughts, and that’s all kind of Buddhist music influence.3


To me, because we’ve been so busy, the modern life, everyone is fast as speed right now. Everything is fast, speeding, so I want to slow down. I want to have internal kind of meditative — internal thinking, have a quality of life. It is. Sometimes I tell myself to slow down. Even music, you don’t have to show off. Younger generation, when I was young, I want to show off how fast I can play, how dramatic, there’s a style. But now at this age, I want to slow down. I already passed those show off time.4 I’m already done with that. I don’t need to show that, but I need to show the quality, the color of the sound, how can you make wind sound with a different color? And I want people to really listen to not only sort of entertainment side, but also thinking.5

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