Yeah, like people are positive and people are saying nice things about your work. I’m always a bit suspicious or surprised, like either I don’t believe them, either I think they’re just saying this because they’re on a party and they don’t know what else to say or it’s just their groupie mentality to be excited.1 And you feel like a success object that’s like a beautiful woman feeling she’s a sex object. That must not feel nice, because you feel as an object you’re replaceable by another. So, just as a beautiful woman can feel she’s badly treated as a sex object of a party, I can feel like I’m treated as a success object often, and I’m very suspicious of that kind of success.2 And then sometimes I’m also extremely or very much surprised, because I really like doing what — I do it — in the first instance, I’m doing it for myself. So, it’s always a given — like some extra. It’s extra when people like it.

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